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    IBM Cognos Business Insight is a revolutionary business intelligence workspace that gives users the ability to assemble, personalize and analyze virtually all types of data in any time horizon. Create reports and communicate using familiar tools and applications—all from a single interface. For more information, please contact us.
Collaborative reporting

Cognos Business Intelligence query and reporting capabilities offer these collaborative reporting features to help business users communicate with others in order to drive decisions and gain additional insight.


Your employees in the field and growing ranks of mobile workers and business partners who are not connected to your intranet need information and analytics to make quick decisions and drive actions. IBM Cognos software includes solutions that enable your workforce to work wherever and whenever they need.


Cognos dashboard capabilities allow any user to access, interact and personalise content in a way that supports the unique way they make decisions. Secure access to information from all time horisons including Business Intelligence, Real-time Monitoring, SPSS and Cognos means that users can quickly move from insight to action.

Real-time Monitoring

Cognos features real-time monitoring capabilities for consumers of actionable business intelligence that provides an organisation’s frontline employees with a rich view of operational KPIs and measures to support up-to the-moment decision making.
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